Damp & Mould Symptoms

Damp & Mould Symptoms

The Damp and Mould Checklist

Internal Symptoms

  • Does your home have a musty or damp smell?
  • Has mould been located on walls, furniture, clothes etc.?
  • Do your walls show any discoloration or staining or water marks? (Usually only up to 1.5 metres on wall)
  • Is the plaster on your walls bubbling, flaking?
  • Is the plaster on your wall appearing powdery or salty?
  • Is the paint on your walls blistering or peeling?
  • Have your skirting boards warped, pulled off the wall or shown signs of rot?
  • Have your floor boards shown signs of cupping, warping or rotting?
  • Are family members experiencing persistent coughs, runny noses, ear aches or common colds?

External Symptoms

  • Does any of your brick work show signs of crumbling or decaying?
  • Has mortar fallen or decayed from around brick work?
  • Is there any white powder or salt on external walls?
  • Any staining on walls?

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