Rising Damp/Damp Course Injections

Rising Damp / Damp Course Injections

Rising damp can cause extensive and very expensive damage to a home if left untreated. It can also cause serious health problems for the resident’s occupying the property. This is why a solution must be implemented as soon as possible.

Rising damp is caused by the same natural capillary action by which plants absorb moisture into their stems from the soil beneath. So as walls of homes are in constant contact with the ground this same action occurs. This is where a damp proof barrier should exist which stops the moisture at a point before it is able to come in contact with the under-floor of the residency. Most times the reason rising damp still occurs is;

  • Past materials used have proven to fail over time for example slate which cracked and deterioted over time allowing moisture to continue rising.
  • Poorly installed damp coursing at time of construction
  • Build up of soil against wall/s burying the damp course i.e. garden beds
  • Renovated homes i.e. render

Damp Out is able to provide an after construction solution which has been tried and proven hundreds of times over. This is achieved through injections into the affected wall. Our product has been proven to better than the out dated paraffin based solvent systems and other cream systems. As the product we use is water based cream it is non-toxic, clean, safe meaning installation time is reduced and minimal inconvenience is caused to the customer.

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