Sub-Floor Ventilation

Sub-Floor Ventilation

Often we are contacted by clients who have been affected by damp and musty smells or mould within their homes. Unfortunately we find most people don’t act on these problems until either;

  • They are advised by their building inspector or pest control technicians that there is a damp (from poor ventilation) problem affecting the health of the home.
  • Extensive damage has occurred to the home e.g. rotting, cupping, warping, blistering paint or plaster etc. (Please see Mould & Damp Checklist)

Damp Out is able to correct this situation with the use of its sub-floor ventilation system. Damp Out customizes all systems to suit each home to make sure correct cross-flow, exhaust of damp air and the introduction of fresh air is achieved. This is based on the volume of the sub-floor and design of the home.

Basic illustration showing cross-flow ventilation


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